OK…sometimes messages are not delivered the way you would expect. CLEARLY…sometimes you just have to figure them out on your way. ANSWERS will be revealed if you focus on the good with an open heart. I will be inspired instead of disappointed and be thankful for what THAT time meant. To this day i am still in AWE of how much freedom i felt, when in the most natural way i saw the sea of my soul, the green grass of my heart, split in half  as a rush of PURE LIFE mixed with particles of universe love. IT took me to the highest ABOVE, without never having to leave the spinning ground.  Under that time spell I allowed myself to really invest in  my spiritual self, I thank you PARENTHESIS, which  is your new  name; NOW i know where to look, and its not  far.

-to myself

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it is all so clear…so precise  shaped as round as the earth…it goes in a circle as u try to catch up with the almost parallel lines that float against gravity…caught up in our own desguise, we choose to see what ingenue brings, life of the vulnerable? life of the infinite wanderers? perhaps we dont need to be mad to appreciate life, but sure my eyes glow brighter when i fly…if believing i have, makes me mad, then i will forever care for that title and let beauty define the obvious. Green & yellow grass with a hint of blue purple sky…deep into parallax i go! hope u are there…

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ive been there…it is beautiful

Awe is an emotion comparable to wonder[1] but less joyous, and more fearful or respectful. Awe can inspire.

i found an inspiration…or better inspiration found me…

I am in awe, awe is a spectacle, one that lives on even when we cross to our subconscious.

there is where it all coincides…life is not just this moment…life is all of it and everything that lies in between this and every other world, place, existence…the world we are aware of through our senses, and that persists independently without them.

love to live…live to love in this and every other plane…who knows u might be lucky enough to find out why it is even more real, and more beautiful…there



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Follow the Yellow Brick Road…

…somehow while falling into my desire and curiosity for life ive discovered how to transition from this side to another, ive discovered one just in the middle…one that is created by our own power and will…somehow ive become a wanderer of this so called life and its beautiful to indulge in every angle…knowledge is power but power without a kind heart will destroy you. LIVE with LOVE and follow the yellow brick road…

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